Bear Fat Tortillas


Belonging to a family with a strong Hispanic background, I have a place in my heart for a warm bunch of flour tortillas. My grandmother always seemed to whip up a batch at the drop of a hat, and the comal never left its’ home on the corner of the stove. The perfect fluffy, warm blanket to wrap any messy treat in. Be it fresh beans, meat, butter, cheese, or even rolling up the coveted peanut butter “doobie”.

Bears are notorious for toting copious amounts of fat in the fall. This is when bears will go into a feeding frenzy packing on tens of thousands of calories a day, and only sleeping for maybe 2-3 hours. This fat has seemed to gain some culinary traction in the wild food community in recent years, and for good reason. It is tasty, stable, and if you get to tag out on a good bear, plentiful. Rendered down it is mild flavored, and not far removed from your grandma’s old coffee tin of bacon grease. Thus it can be used much the same, to saute veggies, sear steaks, fry potatoes, or in the case of my grandmother, make a hot bunch of flour tortillas.

This recipe will work for any fat you have on hand. Coconut oil, bacon grease, pork lard, or duck fat work great too if you can’t source bear fat.

Ingredients (makes about 6-10″ tortillas, or about 12-6″ tortillas)

  • 2 C all purpose flour
  • 3 T Bear Fat
  • 3/4 C Water
  • 1 t Kosher salt
  • 1/2 t Baking Powder

Step 1

Combine flour, fat, salt, and baking powder into a food processor. Pulse for about 10 seconds.


Step 2

Slowly add the water with the processor on, until the dough forms and pulls away from the walls. Forming into a ball.


Step 3

Remove the dough from the food processor and add to a well floured surface. The dough will be tacky. Form into equal sized balls.


Step 4

Rolling a tortilla is an art, and with practice you will get there. Make sure to roll forward and back once, then flip and rotate 90*, then repeat. Do this until you have a product you can accept, after all, it will still taste good.


Step 5

Heat a griddle to medium-high heat. Try and slap that tortilla on as flat as possible to minimize wrinkles. When bubbles start to become pronounced, quickly flip. Give each side the same amount of time. (For me it was about 15 seconds per side)

Step 6

Serve them up! Taco night, quesadillas, breakfast burritos or just by themselves. They are super easy once you get the hang of rolling them out!


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  1. Luke Fater says:

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  2. Luke Fater says:

    Hello, again, would love to include this recipe in my article about cooking with bear fat. Just need some information from you first. Hoping to get it out tomorrow morning, latest. Please respond at your earliest convenience.


    1. Hey Luke, sorry I didn’t see your original message. That’d be fine, what do you need?


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